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Meet Maggie

Keynote Speaker, Author and Thought Leader

Maggie’s journey started in 1958, coming of age in the early 1970’s where free love clashed with minimal sex education concentrating of medical names of body parts and danger. Remaining a virgin until age 30, she went from a “sexless” marriage to sexual freedom and full self-expression. This can only become reality with comprehensive sex education. Including communication skills, consent, expectations, body image empowerment, and respect of diversity.


After retiring after 40 years as an award-winning residential architect, she has become a surprise and delight Keynote speaker. Her mission is to shift the conversation around the sex from guilt, shame, and insecurity to one of play, choice, and creation.


World Peace thru Awesome Sex is about practicing the three aspects she asserts connects peace and sex, authentic communication, respect, and contribution. Practicing these aspects in our individual lives will allow not only allow us to create awesome relationships in our own lives but will spill over into our family connections, interactions with community, and ultimately impact the world.


Don’t just do it for yourself, do IT for world peace!

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