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How could creating an awesome sex life for yourself contribute to a World at peace?

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

Join me over the next months for the answer to this question and discover what could be created for yourself if there were no constraints. Because after all, constraints are actually created by each of us.

There are few things as controversial in our society as sex (maybe money and politics but little else). Which is actually pretty funny, because it connects all on the level of human being. Maslow‘s hierarchy of needs has sex as foundational along with food, clothing, and shelter. It’s why advertisers use it to sell everything from sports cars to toothpaste. It is used to judge, guilt, and shame people.

With all the power it holds, it is shocking that we are not taught about sex in any meaningful or supportive way. Instead, we leave our children to stumble around in the dark, hormones raging, to learn by trial and error. Or by watching porn, mainstream movies, and reading fairy tales! CRAZY.

So why listen to a retired architect on the topic of sex or World peace??? You’ll have to be the judge over the next several installments.

SPOILER ALERT: For the last 8 years I have been delving into the difference authentic communication, respect, and contribution has around sex, sexuality, and relationships. I have conducted 3 years of weekly inquiry calls on the topic, written a paper for a Global Conference, and am currently writing a book on the subject. Since my 12-year “sexless” marriage ended a decade ago, I have been on a journey to uncouple “love” and “sex” and put them back together in a way that serves and empowers me. I discovered that shutting down my sex drive impacted my creativity, health, well-being, and zest for life. Through many lovers, I’ve learned to trust myself, love my body just the way it is, become multi-orgasmic, and discover alternative ways to construct relationships.

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